3 Ways to Make Your CV Stand Out

Making your CV stand out in a competitive industry could help gain you an interview.

The search for a new job is often filled with excitement and optimism. We’ve all been there – hours upon hours spent crafting the ‘perfect CV’, and many evenings spent sending it to all your dream jobs… But with hundreds of people doing exactly the same thing – how do you make sure you stand out from the crowd? You may have the right skills for the job along with stacks of experience, but the road to opportunity starts by making your CV ‘jump’ off the table.

In our first ever blog (exciting times!) we want to share our pointers on how to tip the scales in your favour when employers are weighing up their options between candidates. Here are our top 3 tips to help you stand out from the crowd:


Every company is different, so do your research and tailor your CV to suit. Make use of as much public information as possible – whether it’s their website or social media, making a personal connection has never been easier. Think of it this way, you will probably find more success with 5 fully tailored CVs than 20 generic applications.

Find out as much as you can about the job role and recruitment process itself. Finding out how many interviews you are expecting, and anything you need to prepare for each are highly important, but candidates often forget about the recruiters. If you are working with a recruitment agency, it is their job to match the right candidate for the right job role – so make sure you get all the information you can. They may have more information about the role and company, which could help with a further insight when tailoring your CV.

Search for blogs, videos or webinars produced by key stakeholders or decision-makers within the business to help “speak” to them. Even if you’ve already sent one version of your CV over, take the opportunity to update your cv before a formal screening call (particularly if you’ve applied via a generic job advert) to maximise the chances of your CV being accepted by the client.


Cover letters are a great opportunity to provide additional context aroundyourself and the role at hand. Many recruitment sites and company application pages have the option to write a cover letter – do not miss this opportunity! Some decision-makers may instantly prefer those with a cover letter, as it shows the additional efforts you make to excel yourself.

Lights. Camera. Action!

If you’re applying for a digital or people focused role – a cover “video” letter will also allow you to show how committed you are and why they should pick you. Video cover letters can also be a good way to help less experienced candidates to differentiate themselves too. Companies are increasingly asking candidates to answer 2-3 simple questions before they submit their CV directly to them. Any links to relevant projects you have developed and/or worked on will make your application memorable in a candidate driven market.


Be sure to chase for feedback or updates. If you haven’t heard anything in a week or two, don’t be afraid to double check that your CV was received, or request feedback if your application wasn’t successful. Most employers will give an insight into what was missing, or what could be improved. If you are told that you are waiting for an interview, don’t hesitate to chase for a confirmation after a short while. At the same time however, don’t spam or pester the employer/recruiter. You are showing the decision-makers that you are a keen individual interested in that particular role at that particular company; it shows you aren’t a candidate that is applying for a range of positions in the hope of gaining whatever comes your way.


Upon gaining yourself an interview, give yourself enough time to prepare for it. You will have spent a great deal of time crafting your CV as well as any further time on your cover letter – you want your interview to appear the same way. It probably goes without saying, but be on time! Your interview should showcase and match everything mentioned in your CV. Be honest about your experiences, both past and present. Sending a thank you note to the recruiter and hiring manager, could also go a long way. Skills will only get you so far in places with a strong company culture, so the right personality could help seal the deal!

Well there we have it, our first ever blog here at Digital Talent Hub! We are a specialist digital technology recruitment agency, created by ex Senior Digital and tech industry managers. We recruit for Mid, Senior and Executive hires across Technical and Operational focused roles for Digitally driven organisations including Digital agencies, Software companies and end clients.


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